Kang Xiu II
Mean orbital distance = 1.06 AU

Physical Properties
Mass = 7.76 X 10^24 kg
Radius = 7,398.6 km
-Circumference = 46.486.8 km
-Surface Area = 6.88 X 10^8 km^2
-Volume = 1.696 X 10^12 km^3
Vesc = 11.84 km/s
Density = 4.58 g/cm^3
Surface Gravity = 9.51 m/s^2
Atmosphere = Breathable (N, O2, CO2, trace others)
Pressure at sea level = 0.98 atm
Biosphere = Hybrid (heavily terraformed)

Major Satellites
Volshebnitsa (major moon)
Feya (minor moon)
Skromnyy (minor moon)

Climate & Geography
Vulcia is a rocky, humid world comparable to humanity’s lost homeworld. Its relatively eccentric orbit makes its climate highly variable throughout its year. It mean global temperature is 293 K; however, equatorial temperatures can reach as high as 341 K in the extreme summer, while polar temperatures rarely dip below 260 K, even in the dead of winter. This variable, wet climate tends to create massive storm systems which blow over the equatorial regions near constantly.

The planet’s surface is roughly 75% ocean. The land area is divided into roughly 3 continental bodies, which occupy the north polar region (Vasiliktimata), the equatorial west (Prasiniyi), and the south east (Yuzhnayazemlya). The most heavily settled areas are in the north, largely around the capitol region. However, most of the planets’ spaceports are in the equatorial, or southern regions (primarily due to launch and landing trajectories). These cities have been heavily engineered to withstand the near constant onslaught of sever storms.

Population = 494,365,980 (3195 est.)
Planetary Gov. = Parliamentarian Alliance
Capitol = Nova Rostov
Space Ports = Smolensk, Yuxi, Koga, Ueda
TL = 4+

Orbital Stations
Belgorod Station
Yuki Station
Kurnikov Orbital Shipyard

Vulcia was first colonized in the early 25th century by malcontents banished from Mandate Space, and quickly became a haven for those seeking greener pastures or new frontiers. It was the first large-scale colony in the Avalon Sigma sector, and drew colonists from planets in more civilized sectors nearby. Kang Xiu remained one of the only systems in the sector to have a Jump Gate all the way up to the Scream, and as a result Vulcia remains the most heavily populated world in the sector.

The early settlers of the planet—facing steep challenges from the native biosphere—elected an autocratic government, which quickly became a constitutional monarchy. The monarch was advised and checked by a parliament whose members quickly founded an established upper class. Under this government, Vulcia flourished in its early years.

During the 26th century, Vulcia’s growth outstripped its capacity to support a ballooning population. Immigrants from other sectors continued to pour in, and despite the best pretech terraforming engineers could provide, Vulcia’s native biosphere was stubborn, and slow to yield to the settlers’ expanding agricultural ambitions. Despite the resulting environmental crisis, and social upheaval, relatively few fell victim to privation. Vulcia was wealthy enough to import much of the deficit. The lasting effect of the lean times was political. The Vulcian monarchy declined in power as relatives of the royal family carved out states and fiefdoms of their own. The feudal lords that rose in place of the declining central government were better able to address the local needs of their people.

The Scream ended Vulcia’s access to imported food. The resultant wars raged for centuries. Feudal lords led their armies in conflicts that spanned the continents, and entire generations lived and died without knowing peace. Entire sectors of Vulcian society were militarized. Eventually, declining population and the completion of the planet’s terraforming resulted in a subsidence of the violence. In the 31st century, the feudal system was eclipsed by a rising class of aristocratic capitalists. These individuals, and the values upon which they based their economics had always existed within Vulcian society. However, during this time, they rose as an influencial social group in their own right. A group of old-regime nobility and the new aristocracy allied together to reform the Parliament of old. This new Parliamentary Alliance remains the ruling government on Vulcia. However, they are not without their detractors.

Society & Culture

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